Bílková, Frittella, Kozhemiachenko, Majer and Manoorkar

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Describing and Quantifying Contradiction between Pieces of Evidence via Belnap Dunn Logic and Dempster-Shafer Theory

Belnap Dunn logic is a four-valued logic introduced to model reasoning with incomplete or contradictory information. In this article, we show how Dempster-Shafer theory can be used over Belnap Dunn logic in order to formalise reasoning with incomplete and/or contradictory pieces of evidence. First, we discuss how to encode different kinds of evidence, and how to interpret the resulting belief and plausibility functions. Then, we discuss the behaviour of Dempster's rule in this framework and present a variation of the rule. Finally, we show how to construct credal sets of classical probability measures based on this kind of evidence.